Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement

We want to live in a sustainable world, and we want to play our part – with MultiSeal we have a bold opportunity not just to provide a superior product but, to significantly reduce the environmental impact.

Millions of tubes of silicone end up in land fill sites in the EU every year, this alone was reason enough for us to develop a long term sealing solution not only for Europe, but internationally.  

We have a particular emphasis on innovation; despite our existing success in creating an environmentally friendly substitute for silicone, we also have our sights set on making our products still more impressive. We aim to manufacture MultiSeal with both recycled plastic and plant based alternatives with an ultimate objective to become entirely independent of virgin plastics.

We also intend to implement green procedures for customers so they can recycle used YuSeal products when necessary; our goal is to achieve a continual chain of minimal waste and constant recycling.

Lastly, we strive towards business premises’ reliant predominantly if not entirely on renewable energy to support our dream of setting new standards for manufacturing.